Kennel v.d. Buitenpepers

Drummer ( Festival's Slumdog Millionaire) heeft op 03 april 2018 Gosia (Tanishtagh Forever Starts Today) gedekt.

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Ch. Thornywait Gift To Floprym Ch. Ritzilyn Brandon Ch. Perrimay Hugo Of Fenwood
Ch. Ritzilyn Stage Door Jenny
Thornywait Miss Behaving Ch. Stormerick Solomon
Thornywait Magic Rose
Inassicas Solea Ch. Jazzman's Da Capo Ch. Siatham Raynor
Ch. Jako's Hope
Ch. Inassicas Snowflake Shanlimore Falcon
Inassicas Stephanie
Ch. Snowjar's Wellington Dumelow Goldenlines New Feeling Ch. Graceline's Under Resans Gang
Ch. Goldenlines Dancing Queen
Ch. Festival's Loving Lioness Ch. Jazzman's Da Capo
Ch. Festival's Snow Tigress
Ch Tanishtagh Keep on Walking Ch. Majik Truth Or Dare Ch. Majik Finders Keepers
Majik Vissi D'Arte
Ch. Snowjar's Chelles Ch. Ashbury Angel Heart
Ch. Festival's Sing'n Smile